Rural Internet

A slow, dial-up Internet connection can be infuriating. Unfortunately, for many people living in rural areas of the USA, dial-up Internet has been the only game in town…until today. You now have access to high speed, “always on” Internet no matter how far you are from town.

WildBlue is proud to offer reliable, high-speed rural Internet access to rural residents. Using our sophisticated network of satellites, we’re able to offer rural Internet service that is both fast and dependable. (Read more about our satellites and how rural high-speed Internet works.)

Dependable Rural Internet Service that Keeps Getting Better

As one of the most reliable rural high-speed Internet providers in America, WildBlue currently offers broadband Internet that is 30 times faster than dial up. As we upgrade our technology and increase the size and scope of our satellite network, we plan to offer even faster upload and download speeds in the near future.

Who Can Benefit from Our Rural Internet Service?

WildBlue currently offers rural Internet access to residents and businesses in virtually every area of the contiguous 48 states. The main requirement is that you have a clear view of the south facing sky. The rest is on us. Give us a call to make sure your home qualifies for our service and to learn more.

More than Just Rural Internet Access

In addition to Internet access, at WildBlue we also supply a number of other services to our rural customers:

  • 24-hour customer support
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware software protection
  • email, powered by Gmail
  • Additional Google services brought to you through our special partnership

Learn more about the rural Internet service packages available in your area and our special offers, too.