Wireless Networking with WildBlue

As more and more devices become “Internet enabled,” having a wireless network in your home has become essential. Wireless networking isn’t just for homes with DSL or cable Internet! Today, you can easily set up a wireless network using your high-speed satellite Internet connection from WildBlue.

What You Need for Setting Up a Wireless Network

For setting up a wireless network, you will need the following:

  • Up-to-date operating system such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Mac OS X on each of your computers
  • WildBlue satellite Internet service
  • Network adapter, for any computer that doesn’t have this built-in (most modern computers have this already)
  • Reliable wireless router and CAT5 cable
  • Anti-virus software on each of your computers

Create a Secure, Private Wireless Connection

To protect all of your computers from hackers and viruses that could do harm to your computer, and to ensure you get to enjoy high Internet speeds, it’s important to create a password-protected wireless Internet connection. Without the password, others can access your Internet connection, which inevitably slows down your Internet speeds.


How to Set Up a Wireless Network

As your satellite Internet provider, we’re delighted that satellite Internet allows for wireless networking. However, WildBlue does not offer any installation or troubleshooting assistance setting up and configuring your wireless network, since this equipment is provided by third-parties. But we can offer the following general tips to show you how to set up a wireless network, which is usually easy to do yourself.

  1. Purchase a wireless router from a brand you recognize and plug it in near your WildBlue satellite Internet modem.
  2. Read the user manual that comes with the modem carefully. Be sure to follow all safety precautions.
  3. You will need an additional CAT5 cable (almost always comes with the wireless router). First, unplug the cable from your computer that is connected to your WildBlue modem. Unplug it on the computer end, leaving it connected to the WildBlue modem. Next, plug this cable into your new router — there may be a specific port to use for this purpose which will be clearly marked. Then plug your new CAT5 cable from the router back to your computer using any available port.
  4. Set up your wireless network by following the instructions in your user’s manual. This usually involves loading software onto your computer or accessing the router through your web browser. Don’t forget to set a password for your wireless network at this time!
  5. To connect additional computers and other devices, simply find your wireless network name on each device and enter the password. If your computer is not Wi-Fi enabled, you’ll need to plug in a USB adapter.

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