Customers love Exede Internet

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about Exede Internet:


“I absolutely love Exede. It is even faster than my son in law’s high speed cable in town.”
Thomas in Georgetown, Ill.

“This was the first time we have had satellite Internet. It is fast and we are very happy. Thank you Exede”
Kevin in Sterling, Ill.

“Exede Internet service is wonderful. Very pleased with the service.”
Amanda in Brevard, N.C.

“I’m very happy. Much faster than I anticipated.”
John, Fire Island, N.Y.

“The speed is wonderful. It is far superior to the other options in our rural area. ”
Shawn, Groton, N.Y.

“I am very happy with this service. The instillation tech was very informative and quick to answer any questions I had. The service is great. Thanks Exede — I have told everyone about you.”
Angie in Ewing, Va.

“It is wonderful having Exede Internet. We had dial-up before, and it took forever to do anything on the computer. Now I can print out coupons and look up sales and be ready to shop hours before I would have been ready with dial-up service. Thanks Exede.”
Lynne Louisa, Va

“It is just great.”
Rose in York, Penn.