What to Expect

Service and Speed

Your WildBlue service should be reasonably fast (for much faster service, upgrade to Exede Internet). However, you should be aware that satellite-based Internet service has a longer latency, or delay, due to the time it takes for the signal to travel to and from the satellite. Your speeds may be slower during peak hours from 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. when the number of simultaneous users on the WildBlue network is greater. Websites that are content-heavy, especially those with streaming video, will load more slowly than simpler websites.

Equipment and Weather

Be sure not to move your dish after the installer has pointed it at the satellite. Moving the dish will cause a loss of your Internet connection and could result in a chargeable service call. Heavy rain or snow at your home may cause a temporary disturbance in your service, either through a loss of connectivity or slower speeds. Your service is controlled by a gateway — a remote WildBlue station covering your geographic area. Severe weather at your gateway may also impact your service experience from time to time.


WildBlue does not provide customer support, configuration or any troubleshooting for Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Some of our customers have found that certain VPNs (especially SSL-based VPNs) do work over the WildBlue network but that speeds may slow down considerably. IP-SEC VPNs don’t work well on the WildBlue system and are not recommended.