It’s a good idea to get antivirus software to help ensure your online security. New and current customers are eligible for a limited-time license for anti-virus security software to help protect your computer from viruses, spyware and other malware. Here are the steps to get started.

Your personal access key.

This subscription requires an access key, which is the string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies and authorizes your copy of the software. If eligible, you should have received your access key via a welcome email, usually the day after your Exede service was installed.

Why run antivirus software, anyway?

There are many reasons to keep your computers protected:

  • To maintain the privacy of your personal data such as banking and credit card information
  • To prevent malicious software from deleting your personal files
  • To prevent “trojan horses” from infecting your computer and sending out spam and malicious software (and using the bandwidth you pay for!)
  • To keep your computer running smoothly and faster — infected computers usually run very slowly.