Browser Optimization

Surf the web faster on the WildBlue network when you optimize your browser.


The WildBlue Optimizer is for original WildBlue customers only. Do not use if you have Exede Internet or a black modem. Here’s how to tell if you should install the WildBlue Optimizer.

Installing the WildBlue Optimizer will improve the performance of your WildBlue Service.

If you have a black modem, installing the WildBlue Optimizer will actually degrade the performance of your service. Do not install.

What is the WildBlue Optimizer, and why do I need it?

The WildBlue Optimizer is a tool that makes key setting changes in your web browser to give you the fastest web surfing experience available over the WildBlue network. In general, the Optimizer:

  • Adds a proxy server to the browser configuration
  • Sets the browser home page to (optional)
  • For Windows users, it adds a Program group with shortcuts for the Customer Portal, WildBlue Help, and the Outlook Configuration Tool (XP and 2K only for Outlook configuration)
  • For Mac users, it adds three shortcuts on the desktop for the Customer Portal, WildBlue Help, and to WildBlue WebMail.


  • Mac users must install the Optimizer and then the Apple Broadband Tuner, available at
  • The Windows .zip file requires a zip utility to extract the files (included in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7).


  1. Download the WildBlue Optimizer by clicking on the Save to Hard Drive (.zip) in the links shown below. When the pop-up box appears, click on Save to save it to your PC hard drive or desktop. Note: Do not click Run.
  2. Extract the WildBlue Optimizer from the zipped file on your PC hard drive. Important: Close all internet browser windows before attempting to run the WildBlue Optimizer. If you do not close them all, the WildBlue Optimizer will not install properly.
  3. After you have closed all your browser windows, double click on the Optimizer program and follow the prompts. The file name to click is wildblue.exe

After the WildBlue Optimizer has finished running, then you can surf the web as usual.

Optimizers are customized for each WildBlue Service Provider (the company from which you receive your
monthly WildBlue bill).

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