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What is a Data Allowance Policy? What is the WildBlue Data Allowance Policy?

WildBlue maintains a Data Allowance Policy to ensure that all WildBlue customers get a fair amount of access to the Internet over our network. The purpose of this policy is to provide equitable delivery of upload and download speeds to all WildBlue customers by curtailing the speeds of those who have exceeded the usage thresholds.

Our Data Allowance Policy limits the amount of data that you can upload and/or download using the WildBlue service in a certain period of time, depending on your service plan. Our original service plans measure this usage based on a rolling 30-day period. Our new Exede Internet plans measure your usage on a monthly basis, which resets to zero every month.

How is the Data Allowance Policy related to WildBlue’s Fair Access Policy?

The Fair Access Policy is now the Data Allowance Policy. The name of the policy and some of the language was updated to be consistent with other ViaSat policies. No changes have been made to your usage thresholds, the way we measure your data usage or the restrictions imposed for exceeding your usage thresholds.

What happens if I exceed my data allowance?

WildBlue Original Plans: After exceeding either of the usage thresholds, which vary by service package, we may significantly slow and/or restrict your service, or certain uses of your service. Your full service will be restored when your data usage in the prior 30 days falls below 70% for both usage thresholds.

Please note that restoration of your service can take up to 24 hours after falling below both of the 70% Usage Thresholds. This will occur automatically but not instantaneously with the 24 hour time frame.

See WildBlue’s Data Allowance Policy.

Exede Internet Plans: Read more about the Exede Internet Data Allowance Policy.

How do I keep track of how much bandwidth I’m using?

We encourage you to monitor your usage. Contact your WildBlue Internet Service Provider (the company from which you receive your monthly WildBlue bill) for instructions on how to check your usage totals.

Receive your bill directly from WildBlue? Get instructions on reviewing your monthly bandwidth usage.

What are my Data Allowance Policy usage thresholds?

Here are the usage thresholds for the original WildBlue plans:

Download Threshold 7,500 MB download 12,000 MB download 17,000 MB download
Upload Threshold 2,300 MB upload 3,000 MB upload 5,000 MB upload
Note 1: Usage for WildBlue Original Plans is measured on a rolling 30-day period.
Note 2: If you are a Recovery Act Program subscriber, your data allowance shall be as stated in the Recovery Act Addendum to your Customer Agreement.

How can I get higher usage thresholds?

If you currently have a WildBlue service package, you might consider upgrading to an Exede Internet plan which provides more more options for speed and data.

What activities may cause me to exceed a usage threshold?

Some activities are more likely to exceed the upload and/or download usage thresholds and cause speeds to be slowed under the Data Allowance Policy. Several examples are listed below:

  1. Full-length movie downloads
  2. Unsecured wireless router
  3. Heavy use of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs
  4. Continuous downloading or viewing streaming media content such as; online video and radio
  5. Extended use of web cameras
  6. Extensive downloading of large applications or files
  7. Extensive uploading of home movies, photos, and/or large email attachments
  8. Extensive use of online backup services such as Carbonite, Mozy, SOS and HP Upline.

If you use your WildBlue connection for these activites, you should monitor your usage to make sure you don’t exceed your thresholds.

For discussion about these situations, please visit our online forum at WildBlue World.

How does the rolling 30 days work (original plans)?

Your daily upload and download data usage is measured to determine if your total usage has exceeded either of your usage thresholds over the previous 30 days for the service plan that you have selected.

A rolling 30 days is defined as “the past 30 days” from the current date.

For example, if today were July 25, 2013, your usage would be measured from July 25, 2013 back to June 26, 2013. If you check your usage again on the next day, July 26th, your 30-day window would be from July 26 back to June 27.

Note: The rolling 30 days is independent of the number of days in the month.

What if I receive my service through another provider?

See the chart below to review the policy directly from your WildBlue Service Provider (the company from which you receive your monthly WildBlue bill). Please note that these policies are called the “Fair Access Policy” rather than the “Data Allowance Policy.” Regardless of the name of the policy or service provider, usage thresholds, the way we measure data usage and the restrictions imposed for exceeding usage thresholds are all the same.

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