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WildBlue: Final Step

Thank you for setting up your account New customers: Final step If your WildBlue system was recently installed, your final step is to review and accept your customer agreement. Please do this now. Existing customers If you are an existing customer, you don't need to accept your customer agreement (you should have done this when your WildBlue system was installed). Click here to get started with your new email address! Visit page now

New Customer Account Setup

Welcome to WildBlue New Customer Account Setup Your account setup is nearly complete. In order to finish the process, we need to determine if you are the customer named on the account or if you are acting as an authorized signer. Please select an option below. If you are the person named on the WildBlue customer account (i.e. you placed the order), please click here to get started: If you have been authorized to sign this contract on behalf of the WildBlue customer, please ... Visit page now

Browser Optimization

Surf the web faster on the WildBlue network when you optimize your browser. Important: The WildBlue Optimizer is for original WildBlue customers only. Do not use if you have Exede Internet or a black modem. Here’s how to tell if you should install the WildBlue Optimizer. Installing the WildBlue Optimizer will improve the performance of your WildBlue Service. If you have a black modem, installing the WildBlue Optimizer will actually degrade the performance of your service. Do not install. What is the WildBlue Optimizer, and ... Visit page now


We've created this guide to provide you with helpful information to maximize your new high-speed Internet service package. We offer a number of features and service beyond simple high-speed connectivity to the Internet. Here you'll find information about all those features, what they do and where to find them, and how to make the most of your new broadband service. What you'll find here Account Management - Key links to manage your WildBlue account: update your credit card on file, change ... Visit page now