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Your WildBlue service is Now Faster!

In November, 2012, we implemented the WildBlue Network Upgrade across our entire subscriber base. Your speed increase was based on which plan you’re on, but in general most subscribers saw their download speeds double at no additional cost. For example, take a look at changes to the basic WildBlue Value Plan: Visit page now

Exede Reviews

Here's what some of our customers are saying about Exede Internet: "I absolutely love Exede. It is even faster than my son in law’s high speed cable in town." Thomas in Georgetown, Ill. "This was the first time we have had satellite Internet. It is fast and we are very happy. Thank you Exede" Kevin in Sterling, Ill. "Exede Internet service is wonderful. Very pleased with the service." Amanda in Brevard, N.C. "I’m very happy. Much faster than I anticipated." John, Fire Island, N.Y. "The ... Visit page now


Download and install the FireFox web browser (free). The latest version of Firefox is recommended for fastest speeds and best security. Get it now. Important The WildBlue Optimizer is for original WildBlue customers only. Do not use if you have Exede Internet or a black modem. Here’s how to tell if you should install the WildBlue Optimizer. Installing the WildBlue Optimizer will improve the performance of your WildBlue Service. If you have a black modem, installing the WildBlue Optimizer will actually degrade the performance of ... Visit page now

Usage Meter

OUR USAGE GADGET HELPS YOU MONITOR YOUR BANDWIDTH USAGE Here's everything you need to know. Please note: This chart is updated periodically and may not reflect your most recent usage. Though not common, it can take up to 24 hours to update the chart. Please use this only as a guide to help monitor your usage totals. Usage is measured within a 30-day rolling period and does not correspond with your billing cycle. The WildBlue Usage Gadget looks like this. What is the WildBlue ... Visit page now

Wireless Networking with WildBlue

As more and more devices become "Internet enabled," having a wireless network in your home has become essential. Wireless networking isn't just for homes with DSL or cable Internet! Today, you can easily set up a wireless network using your high-speed satellite Internet connection from WildBlue. What You Need for Setting Up a Wireless Network For setting up a wireless network, you will need the following: Up-to-date operating system such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Mac OS X on each ... Visit page now

In the News

The Latest Stories Broadband Out of the Wild BlueAgWorld - November 23, 2010 In an audio-recorded interview with Matt Farr of WildBlue, the company talks about its next satellite set to launch in late 2010. The satellite will allow even more rural residents to get satellite Internet. Tapping the Web, 22,000 Miles UpNY Times · August 2010 The New York Times explains how the forthcoming WildBlue satellite will "dwarf [our] predecessors in space." Even with new satellite technology and even faster Internet speeds for ... Visit page now

Press Releases

Media Contact: ViaSat, Inc. (720) 493-6000 2011 Press Releases: Note: Some press releases are located on the ViaSat website. ViaSat-1 Satellite Successfully Communicating with WildBlue Network · December 7, 2011 ViaSat-1 Satellite Reaches Geosynchronous Orbit · November 3, 2011 ViaSat-1 High-Capacity Satellite Launch Successful · October 20, 2011 Anik F2 Service to WildBlue Customers restored October 7 · October 7, 2011 ViaSat-1 Launch Scheduled For Mid-October Following Proton-M Configuration Issue · September 8, 2011 ViaSat-1 Ready to Ship With Launch Set for September · July 20, 2011 ViaSat Introduces SurfBeam 2 Broadband Networking ... Visit page now