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Your WildBlue service is Now Faster!

In November, 2012, we implemented the WildBlue Network Upgrade across our entire subscriber base. Your speed increase was based on which plan you’re on, but in general most subscribers saw their download speeds double at no additional cost. For example, take a look at changes to the basic WildBlue Value Plan: Visit page now


Download and install the FireFox web browser (free). The latest version of Firefox is recommended for fastest speeds and best security. Get it now. Important The WildBlue Optimizer is for original WildBlue customers only. Do not use if you have Exede Internet or a black modem. Here’s how to tell if you should install the WildBlue Optimizer. Installing the WildBlue Optimizer will improve the performance of your WildBlue Service. If you have a black modem, installing the WildBlue Optimizer will actually degrade the performance of ... Visit page now

Usage Meter

OUR USAGE GADGET HELPS YOU MONITOR YOUR BANDWIDTH USAGE Here's everything you need to know. Please note: This chart is updated periodically and may not reflect your most recent usage. Though not common, it can take up to 24 hours to update the chart. Please use this only as a guide to help monitor your usage totals. Usage is measured within a 30-day rolling period and does not correspond with your billing cycle. The WildBlue Usage Gadget looks like this. What is the WildBlue ... Visit page now

WildBlue: Final Step

Thank you for setting up your account New customers: Final step If your WildBlue system was recently installed, your final step is to review and accept your customer agreement. Please do this now. Existing customers If you are an existing customer, you don't need to accept your customer agreement (you should have done this when your WildBlue system was installed). Click here to get started with your new email address! Visit page now

How To Check Your Online Usage

Customers who receive their bill directly from WildBlue may review their current bandwidth usage online by doing the following: Go to: WildBlue Bandwidth Usage. Login with your primary email address and password. Enter your whole email address, including the "" part. Note: If you do not have a email address, you will need to set up an email address here. For additional information on monitoring your usage, please read WildBlue's knowledge base article on this subject. We encourage you to monitor your ... Visit page now

Data Allowance Policy

 Frequently Asked Questions What is a Data Allowance Policy? What is the WildBlue Data Allowance Policy? WildBlue maintains a Data Allowance Policy to ensure that all WildBlue customers get a fair amount of access to the Internet over our network. The purpose of this policy is to provide equitable delivery of upload and download speeds to all WildBlue customers by curtailing the speeds of those who have exceeded the usage thresholds. Our Data Allowance Policy limits the amount of data that you can ... Visit page now

Installation Process

When you're ready to have your satellite dish installed, you'll be surprised at how simple the process can be. WildBlue strives to get you online quickly. The following seven steps outline what to expect during satellite Internet installation. Schedule satellite installation You will schedule the satellite dish installation at the time of purchase or over the phone when an installer calls you. Typically, satellite dish installation takes one to three hours, and we'll need you to be home for the full length of ... Visit page now